Mobile Autonomous Air Handling Unit


R4000 Non-Thermal Catalysis Technology destroys and traps airborne micro-contaminants.

The R4000 Mobile Autonomous Air Handling Unit can satisfy the most stringent standards currently in force in the hospital sector such as ISO 14644 and NFS 90-351. Our air handling units trap and destroy microbiological, particulate and chemical (VOC) contaminants and achieve particulate cleanliness classes ISO 8 to 5 and risk classes 2 to 4.

The design of our solution is based on innovative technology that has been developed and optimised – non-thermal catalysis. They satisfy needs for decontamination and destruction of particle, microbiological and chemical pollutants in accordance with the regulations currently applicable:

  • Standards EN 1886 and NF B44-200 relative to the design and performances of air handling units,
  • Bringing clean rooms, controlled environments and sensitive living spaces into compliance with standards ISO 14644 and NF S90-351 which govern the requirements relative to the control of airborne contaminants.



  • Hospitals
  • Medical sector and laboratories
  • Clean rooms
  • Dentist sector
  • Pharmaceutics 
  • Retirement homes
  • Offices
  • Waiting rooms
  • Pharmacy
  • Packaging areas

                The decontamination unit is easy to set up.
                The flow rate is 800 to 4000 m3/h and the volume of the zone to be treated is 50 to 400 m3.
                The surface area of the zone to treat is 20 to 150 m2.
                The R4000 is very silent: 20 dB.
                The catalysts regenerate thus ensuring long-lasting air handling efficiency. The technology is also energy-efficient. 


                • Destruction of contaminants by non-thermal catalysis
                • Zone 3 and zone 2 compliant (ISO 7 and ISO 8)
                • Surface area of the zone to treat: 20 to 150 m2
                • Maintenance in less than 10 min
                • Easy biocleaning
                • Filters suitable for incineration
                • Very quiet

                Technical characteristics

                • Flow rate: 800 to 4000 m3/hAvailable pressure: 450 Pa
                • Volume of the zone to be treated: 50 to 400 m3
                • Double-skin panelling, thickness 40 mm.
                • Stainless steel, painted in RAL 9010
                • Mineral wool acoustic insulation 90 kg/m3
                • Electronically switched electric fan and dedicated pressure probe
                • Constant air flow control according to the clogging of the filters
                • G4 pre-filter and F8 fine filter mounted on rails
                • H14 terminal filter with tightening cam and pressure gauge
                LinkedInISO 9001 Certificate No. GB2000291
                WEEE Registration No: WEE/JK0069TY

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