Cleaning and Disinfection with Core2Clean® Plus

The Core2Clean® Plus system eliminates the need to use multiple components to spray, mop, or fog by incorporating them within one device.  They assure cleaning and disinfection is done in an effective and repeatable manner. 

The Core2Clean® Plus system is specifically designed to:

  • Be repeatedly and consistently sterilized
  • Use one system to spray, mop, or fog
  • Allow operators to maximize disinfectant effectiveness

All the components of the Core2Clean Plus can be autoclaved or connected to a steam source for sterilization.  

Core2Clean Plus systems can be configured to operate as three different systems: a sprayer, a wet mop, or a fogger.  When configured as a spray or mop system, the operator dispenses disinfectant through a trigger-controlled wand, providing a continuous flow of clean solution through the device and on to the surface.  Giving this real-time control to the operator can increase the dwell time and thus, the performance of the disinfectant.  When configured as a fogging system, the disinfectant is dispensed through a stainless steel fogger that is directly controlled by the Core2Clean Plus unit.


  • Easily connected to a trigger activated dispensing mop, trigger activated spray nozzle, or fogger
  • Constructed of 316 stainless steel
  • Can be completely sterilized using an autoclave or steam
  • Operate using compressed air, simply charge and go
  • Reduce cleaning time and user effort
  • Simplify cleaning and disinfecting procedures
  • Two and five gallon tank sizes
  • Easy to remove tank
  • Stainless steel ergonomic cart with accessory trays and equipment holder
  • Four swivel casters provide easy movement throughout the facility
  • Allows the operator to control the amount of time the disinfectant spends on the surface which increases the effectiveness of the disinfectant
LinkedInISO 9001 Certificate No. GB2000291
WEEE Registration No: WEE/JK0069TY

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