Ionisation / Static Charge Elimination

Low Balance Self-cleaning Ionizing Blower Model 5802i with Sensor Control

Simco-Ion's Low Balance Self-cleaning Ionizing Blower Model 5802i with Sensor Control provides reliable, fast static charge control for benchtop work areas and small spaces, allowing optimal electrostatics management that minimizes cost and maximizes protection for ESD-sensitive areas. An internal automatic balance correction system ensures ionization continues to reach your target with complete accuracy presenting a significant time and cost savings. The ionizer can operate with external sensors to maintain precise balance (better than ±1V) by altering ion output and adapting to environment changes. With the optional sensor and collimator, the Model 5802i delivers precisely balanced and directed ionized air to your target without taking up valuable room in your environment. A greater concentration of emitter points and internal circuitry suited for high humidity applications makes the Model 5802i the standard choice for environments that need quality ESD protection with solid design.

  • ±3V or better balance (±1V with the optional external feedback system)
  • Aluminium or stainless steel chassis
  • Options for sensor input, FMS connection, alarms, and management control
  • Unique airflow directing collimator option
  • Auto-Clean System option

Ionizing Blower 5802i is available for purchase at our webshop.

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