Microbiological Monitoring

SMA ATRIUM®- Stainless Steel Collection Devices

SMA Atriums® are stainless steel collection devices that connect to the SMA OneTouch® ICS, SMA® DDC, or SMA MicroPortable® Air Sampler.  When partnered with one of these viable monitoring instruments the SMA Atriums direct air from the environment to impact onto a media plate.  The media plate is then evaluated to determine the amount of viable contamination in the environment. 

SMA Atriums are the preferred test method of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, semiconductor, and electronics organizations around the world for determining the level of viable contamination in their facilities.  Their non-turbulent design causes no disruption in unidirectional air flow, which allows placement in the most critical areas (e.g. RABS). 

  • Easily connected to SMA Viable Monitoring Equipment
  • Constructed of 316L Stainless Steel
  • Can be completely sterilized by steam, heat, or ethylene oxide (ETO)
  • Used with standard media plates (90 or 100 mm) with 18, 25, or 32 mL fill levels
  • Require a vacuum source to operate
  • Operate at an air flow of 1 CFM (28.3 LPM)
  • Compact size allows the SMA Atrium to be located near critical filling processes where space is limited
  • Concave, easy to grip design

LinkedInISO 9001 Certificate No. GB2000291
WEEE Registration No: WEE/JK0069TY

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