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Laboratories are used for a wide range of purposes. Testing, R&D, Production and many more. Monitoring the laboratory environment can assist with risk management and QA.

If your laboratory is a cleanroom environment, particle counting and viable monitoring can assist in controlling the environment you are working in to reduce the risk of contamination to your product.

Static build up can also be an issue in the laboratory, by using static elimination instruments this can reduce the risk of product failure. Static control equipment can be in the form of a desktop blower, ceiling blower or a ceiling emitter depending on your requirements.

As a leading supplier of particle counting equipment, microbial air samplers and static elimination equipment, PMT (GB) Limited offers a range of instruments ideal for laboratory use.

PMT (GB) Limited can also supply equipment for testing products such as liquid particle counters, chemical particle counters, Observe lubricant mobility in the presence of drug product and Characterize auto injector device performance to distribution/quantity of oil as well as many other applications.

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