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PMT - Your full service distribution company

PMT (GB) Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 quality led company and is a UKAS ISO17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory (0829) for Particle Counter Calibration and Air Sampler calibration.

We are dedicated to the provision and service of Particle Counters, Facility Monitoring Systems, Microbial Air Samplers, Real Time Monitoring and Ionisation equipment.

The instruments we supply are used for particle counting, microbial air sampling, compressed gas sampling, ESD elimination, cleanroom monitoring, viable particle counting as well as other contamination control process’s.

Our core areas of expertise are primarily focussed on the following industry sectors:

Pharmaceutical | Healthcare | Food, Cosmetics, Beverage | Semiconductor

Automotive | Aerospace | Environmental | Hospitals and Operating theatres

Research | Life Science | Medical Devices | Biomedical

PMT (GB) Ltd  headquarters and the main accredited service laboratory is centrally located in Malvern, Worcestershire.

We also maintain a Scottish Service Centre located in Rosyth.

European Service

PMT (GB) Ltd is a member of a group of independent companies operating throughout France, Belgium, Netherlands, USA, Ireland, Switzerland and Germany, all dedicated to contamination control within critically controlled industries, and all working together to provide total European expertise and support.

PMT as a group has more than 50 employees in 6 countries. We have developed diverse solutions in various applications in particle counting technology and microbial contamination control. Within the field of particle counting, we offer a wide range of particle counters for liquids and airborne particles to choose from, both for mobile use as well as facility monitoring system solutions. PMT stands for innovative solutions for the purest production (electrical, pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace and life science, food, beverage and cosmetics industries).

These include:

  • Airborne Particle counters for all cleanroom monitoring requirements whether it is a mobile or a fixed solution you require.
  • Liquid particle counting and nano-particle counters for water and corrosive chemical applications.
  • Microbiological rapid methods with laboratory and online solutions with real-time viable counters for water and aerosols.
  • The most efficient and innovative system solutions in the field of classical air sampling for mobile and stationary applications using impaction or slit-to-agar.
  • Calibration with ISO 17025 accreditation for particle counters (according to ISO 21501-4, optical scattered light particle counters) and air samplers.
  • Particle measurement in accordance with ISO 14644-1 and GMP.

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