Microbiological Monitoring

Aqu@Sense Microbial Monitor for Pure Water

Purified water has many uses throughout the biologics, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries – from cleaning equipment after manufacturing, to heating and cooling for  sterilization and sanitization, to providing the base constituent of life-sustaining therapies. Because of the many uses for highly purified water, the Aqu@Sense system, is a Rapid Microbial Detection system for pharmaceutical grade waters. The flexibility of this instrument allows you to take immediate action when an excursion happens, rather than waiting for five days to get your plate results. 

The BWT AQU@Sense MB is an automated flow cytometer specifically adapted for the continuous monitoring of bacteria in low nutrient water. The BWT AQU@Sense MB improves safety and promotes process control and understanding compared to the traditional plate counting.

Flow cytometry is a batch process in which the sample is mixed with a DNA specific fluorescent stain. After an incubation period the sample flows through a thin capillary where a laser induces fluorescence in the DNA bound stain. The fluorescent activity and the side scatter (SSC) are recorded for each cell and particle. Inorganic particles are not counted, as no fluorescent stain is bound to them.

The AQU@Sense MB has two operating modes. It can be permanently installed at a measuring point to automatically record the microbiological quality of critical utilities at regular intervals. Alternatively, manual grab samples from multiple sample points can be analysed by a single AQU@Sense MB. Action can be taken immediately, if your set limits are exceeded. Promptly. Not after five days, as before.


  • Improved product quality
  • Better risk management
  • Enhanced process understanding
  • DNA specific stain: no false-positive results due to particles
  • Cartridge containing all necessary chemicals so no chemical or waste handling needed
  • Improved resource allocation and labour efficiencies 


  • Reliable and accurate counting of all cells, not just colonies
  • Integration in the ultra-pure media system or manual sampling
  • The fully automated preparation of the sample includes dyeing, mixing and incubation
  • Built-in purge and cleaning processes
  • results are available in 20 minutes
  • See total cell count (ICC) and share of HNA/LNA (high and low nucleic acid content).
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Integrated touch screen user interface
  • Data may be exported for offline analysis and storage
  • Flexible communications interface for networking; can be controlled externally by common industrial control systems (e.g. SCADA, PLC)
LinkedInISO 9001 Certificate No. GB2000291
WEEE Registration No: WEE/JK0069TY

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