Particle Measuring

PartSens 4.0 – Portable Surface Particle Counter

The PartSens 4.0 device is a portable measuring system with a wireless measuring head for direct measurement of impurities on surfaces.

The PartSens+ 4.0 differentiate between metallic and non-metallic particles and fibres on surfaces.

Mobile design and easy operation make this instrument the perfect solution for companies that want to verify the cleanliness of surfaces.

The use of glancing light technology according to ISO 14664-9* allows for reproducible and highly accurate measurement results.

Using the PartSens eliminates complex sampling by gas extraction and subjective measuring methods such as microscopy or faulty multi-stage procedures such as surface rinsing and subsequent filter analysis.

PartSens determines particle size and the number of particles directly. The measurement result – including the live image – is immediately displayed on the instrument via wireless transmission.
For data archiving or later comparison, the data is stored in the particle counter and can be uploaded as a csv-file on a USB stick or printed out via an external printer.

The Partsens 4.0 is applicable for cleanroom standards such as ISO 14644-9, ISO 14644-17 and ISO 14644-5 as well. It can also be used in the Aerospace industry For PFO (Particle Fall-Out) according to ECSS-Q-ST-70-50C.

The live image allows the detection of particles. 

The system can be used on various surface materials such as stainless, silicon, glass and plastic.


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